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Hwang  Jung-Hee (female)
Pang  Shin-Il (male)
Wi  Min (female)
Uh  Bit-Na (female)
Ch'a  Sung-Ki (male)
Son  Byeong-Cheol (male)
Chwa  Jae-Sun (male)
Ch'ae  Si-U (male)
Yon  Hyon-U (male)
Chu  Eon-Jeong (female)
Mun  Ha-Sun (male)
Wang  Seung-Ho (male)
Tang  Jung-Min (male)
Sip  Mi-Yong (female)
Kum  Sunghyon (male)

  About Generator

The Korean name generator provides 15 random Korean names, you can specify the gender, you can also specify the number you need to generate, we collected more than 600 Korean family names and 200 given names, so you can generate more than 120,000 Korean names.

These Korean names are mainly used by South Korea and North Koreans, males and females use common surnames. The Korean name generator defaults to 15 random male and female names, each of which has the gender. Like other Asian countries, the Korean name is also the family name of the front, then the given name. Traditional Korean family name typically only 1 syllable.

You can generate up to 50 Korean names at a time, but you can get more by refreshing.

Generate the name of 50 nationalities, include first name(given name), middle name, last name(surname, family name).

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